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aBUNdance Acres Fiber Farm
9713 Crystal Falls Drive
Hagerstown, MD
Phill & Judy Osborn

We raise Finn Sheep — Breeding stock; fleeces; roving; yarn; custom-processed freezer lamb.

Giant Angora rabbits and French Angora rabbits.

We have grass/grain-fed Rhode Island Red chickens and brown eggs.

We also sell Kahaki Campbell Ducks and Duck Eggs.  Duck eggs are great for baking light and moist cakes and pastries.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Duck Eggs, Eggs, Freezer Lambs
Chicken, Ducks, Rabbits
Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Roving
Alfred’s Inspiration
1909 FSK Highway
Keymar, MD
Roan Saunders

We have 120 Shetland ewes.  Sell Shetland ewe and ram breeding stock.

Have custom-processed freezer lamb.

Also, 60 Angus cattle.  Custom-processed, grass-fed halves or quarters.

Ewes begin lambing on pasture in early April, when the weather warms-up.

At times bottle babies are available.  Contact us to discuss bottle babies and our custom-processed Angus beef.

Also have Shetland fleeces.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs
Ambling Brook Farm
4810 Elmer Derr Road
Frederick, MD
Dr. Polly Matzinger and Dr. Pam Helton

We raise Gotland Sheep, Bluefaced Leicester Sheep and Border Leicester Sheep.

In addition we have fleeces, tanned sheepskin pelts, breeding stock, and lambs for ethnic holidays.

Interested in a Farm Tour.  We can arrange an educational and petting experience for school-age children.

We also have sheepdog demonstrations.
Custom Processed Lamb Meat, Farm Tours, Halal Custom Processed Lamb and Goat Meat
Freezer Lambs, Sheepdogs (demonostrations, breeding stock), Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Gotland
Barranco Farm
604 Amoss Road
Severna Park, MD
Lindsay Barranco

No sheep or goats yet.

I raise Americana, Barred Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, and Rhode Island Red chickens.

Have  farm-fresh eggs for your special omelets and those "to die for" cakes and pies.

Also have bee hives -- and sell pure honey from my Apiary -- in 16 oz. jars, 9 oz. jars and 6 oz. jars.

Have a cold?  My honey and Jack Daniels will do wonders for your cold.

Call to arrange for some eggs and honey.

Beehives, Honey
Basking Meadow Farm
Woodbine, MD
Jennifer J. Smith

Hidden down a private lane in Woodbine, Maryland, Basking Meadow Farm provides home to eight sheep and two goats.   The flock grazes on gently rolling pastures that are dappled generously with mature tulip poplar, cedar, and white pine.

Registered Border Leicester and Border Leicester/Blue-Faced Leicester crosses are the breeds on the farm.   The sheep are covered with coats throughout the year, protecting the fleece from vegetable matter and bleaching sun.  The coats are changed regularly to allow the locks ample room to grow.   The result is clean, soft, lustrous fleece perfect for spinning and other crafts.

The ewes are bred to healthy, quality rams in November, and the offspring with the most beautiful fleece are kept for future breeding.   The remaining lambs are available for purchase by those who wish to expand their own flock or who appreciate the delicious taste of naturally-raised stock.

The gates at Basking Meadow Farm are always open to visitors.   Come and see how this small operation, established in 2013, has evolved from a life-long dream into reality.

Products & Services:

Lambs for breeding stock
Border Leicester Fleeces (covered to prevent felting)
Hand-spun yarn
Hand-knit items and special requests
Farm-sitting Services

Feel  free to contact me any time with your specific needs.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat, Farm Sitting Services
Freezer Lambs
Border Leicester
Covered Fleeces, Custom Wool Work - spinning yarn, knitting projects, Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Handknits
Bridgestone Manor Farm
400 Bridgestone Drive
Eldersburg, MD
Don & Pam Adams

We raise and provide the following:

Red Angus-Limousine Crossbred Cattle, calves, and steers -- an excellent crossbred combination, that provides good growth, with the needed marbling.

We can provide custom processed halves and quarters -- cut and packaged anyway you want.   Call to discuss.

Boer Goats.  We have Boer Goat breeding stock (21 does and 4 bucks), 4-H Project Goats, and can assit with buck leasing.

We also raise Pygmy Goats.

Contact us to arrange for custom processed goat meat.

Farm Internships.

Custom made wool Afghans.

Check out our website for photos of our goats, cattle, barns, pens, etc.

Pam Adams is the President of the PA-MD-WV Meat Goat Association.

The Meat Goat Association's website:
Buck Goat Leasing, Custom Processed Goat Meat
Project Goats
Boer, Pygmy
Custom Made Wool Afghans
Farm Internships
Cavey Family Sheep and Wool Co.
2640 Marston Road
New Windsor, MD
Liz & Gary Cavey

Home of Registered Montadale Sheep.

We offer Montadale breeding stock -- ram lambs, ewe lambs, and yearlings.

Farm tours.

Custom spun hand-dyed yarn; plus, hand-knit sweaters, hats, neck warmers, shawls, etc.

Farm Tours
Hand Spun yarn, Hand-Knit Sweaters, Neck Warmers, Shawls, Woolen Handknits
Cultivale Farm
717 Muller Road
Westminster, MD
Brad Humbert

Leicester Longwool Sheep.

Border Leicester
Day Spring Farm
21388 Steptoe Hill Road
Middleburg, VA
Sean & Jessie Baker

We raise Romney and Clun Forest Sheep, currently we have 30 brood ewes.

Items we offer:

Custom-processed freezer lamb --  (also called custom-processed lamb meat)
Romney breeding stock -- and Clun Forest breeding stock
Pastured Pork
Pastured Poultry -- (also called free-range poultry)
Turkeys -- (pastured turkeys)
Grass-fed Beef
Grass-fed Lamb
Cow Share raw milk program
No chemical vegetables from our garden
Maremma Livestock Guarding Dog Puppies
Christmas Trees
Farm Tours
Machine Spun Yarn
Hand-Knit Woolen Products
Clothes Dryer Balls made from wool
Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Custom Processed Lamb Meat, Farm Tours
Christmas Trees, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Clun Forest, Romney
Cattle, Chicken, Livestock Guardian Dog Puppie, Pigs, Turkeys
Fox Hollow Farm
21808 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg MD
Stephanie Rohrer-Scuderi
Custom Processed Goat Meat, Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Eggs, Goat Cheese, Lamb Meat sold by Individual Cuts, Vegetables
Chicken, Meat Goats, Pigs, Turkeys
On-Farm Market and Bakery
Foxdale Springs Farm
12119 Renner Road
Keymar, MD
Kenneth Farrell & Janette Rickinson

We raise Tunis Sheep, plus Chinese White Geese.

Our products include:  custom processed freezer lamb, lovely Tunis fleeces, hand-spun 2-ply yarn, and tanned sheepskins.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Chinese White Geese
Hand Spun yarn
Greene’s Lamb
2014 White Hall Road
White Hall, MD
David and Nancy Greene

Greene's Lamb. David & Nancy Greene are new members from Baltimore County.

Listing needs their farm, livestock information and photos.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs, Lamb Meat sold by Individual Cuts
Jadewood Farm
1227 PR 7016
Lexington, TX
Diann Hill
California Variegated Mutant, Corriedale, Rambouillet
Hand Spun yarn
Jehovah-Jireh Farm
7033 Ed Sears Road
Dickerson, MD
Myron & Cathy Horst (Nathan)

We are a family-operated farm, located in southern Frederick County, Maryland.

Photo:  Myron & Cathy Horst (middle), and our six children from the left:  Joel, Nathan, Melody, Daniel, Kara and Luke Horst.

We provide quality, pasture raised meat and eggs at an affordable price.

Our sheep and lambs -- we have 50 ewes and raise purebred Texel sheep, commercial Dorset sheep, and Dorset/Texel Crossbred sheep.

Our farm products include:

.  Texel & Dorset sheep breeding stock and fleeces.

.  100% pasture raised and pasture finished, custom-processed lamb (also called freezer lamb).

.  Pasture raised and organically fed free-range chickens, turkeys and free-range eggs.   Go to our website for processing dates.

.  Raw honey

.  Now available:  frozen chicken and turkey

.  New Item:  Stewing Hens

.  Natural Dog Food

Enjoy our website -- our history, fixing up the farm, farming philosphy, and photo album.
Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Eggs, Freezer Lambs
Dorset, Texel
Julie’s Handspun Yarns
5439 Shookstown Road
Frederick, MD
Julia George

I produce raw angora, blended angora for handspinning or felting, handspun yarn, designer dyed fiber and yarns, offer spinning and soon - weaving lessons too,

I have worked with Mt Vernon and sold their Hog Island fleeces for years and I have sheared (shorn?) sheep and have taken courses on sheep handling, administration of wormer and medicines.
Fiber tools made from stoneware.
Hand Spun yarn, Handknits, Roving, Wool Products, Woolen Blankets
Little Foot Farm, LLC
19024 Miller Ave
Knoxville, MD
Brian and Amber Ellis

We sell beautiful multi-colored chicken eggs ranging from Peewee to Jumbo, from hens that are pastured and fed organic, certified Non-GMO feed, as well as duck eggs ranging from extra large to jumbo (also from pastured ducks fed organic, Non-GMO feed). We currently offer organically raised chicken, free ranged and fed organic, certified Non-GMO feed (available frozen whole or cut-up). We plan to offer grass fed, organically raised lamb again in the near future! For current events at our mini farm, we can be found on Facebook, too, at
Lock’s View Farm
10702 Coppermine Road]
Woodsboro, MD
Dahl & Peggy Drenning

We raise Montadale Sheep and Boer Goats.

Breeding stock is available.

Photo:  We didn't have a Montadale photo, so used a representative Montadale Ram photo from the Gann Farm, Illinois.

Maple Vale Farm
20411 Townsend Road
Rohrersville, MD
Clare Patrick

California Red Sheep.


California Reds
Patrick Preston
12401 Brickyard Blvd, Apt 8
Beltsville, MD
Patrick Preston

I am an inspiring Veteran Farmer, looking to start a farm in MD. I attended the Veteran Farming Program in Alexandria, VA. I am a US Army Veteran.

Pushbac Farm
7322A Kelly Store Road
Thurmont, MD
Donald & Sharron Pilson

Dorper Sheep:  purebreds and percentages.

Rams available for sale.

Dorper lambs are available in the Spring and Fall.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat (Freezer Lamb).

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs
Project Lambs
Dorper and White Dorper